Hi, It’s been a year since MPCScrobbler was last used worldwide.
Times have moved on, technology has moved on.

Thanks to everyone who used it

Hi! I would like to apologize that I don´t work on development of MPCScrobbler on regular basis. I have a lot of other work so I don´t have enough time for it.

Today I have made quick patch which adds MPC-HC_NVO and MPC-HC64_NVO support.

Thank you for your favor and please, be patient. I will definitely make general update in the future.

Hi, I finally got some time to work on MPCScrobbler, you can read about all changes in Release Notes as usual. I would like to point out new album cover cache function and fix the encoding error in communication with Last.fm.

I also finally managed to find someone who would help me translate those things I want to tell you (because my English skill has problems translating longer texts) and I was able to enrich this web with loads of information. Well, not so many, but you can finally use the FAQ section and read some more about me and the MPCScrobbler project in about section.

Hi, I have some time, so I will try to improve MPCScrobbler. Thanks to your reports of errors I know what I must fix but still it was repeatedly sent information about the error for which I need more information. So I release the new version of MPCScrobbler where I improved sending reports to the option of sending the username from last.fm. This option is not compulsory (still is possible to send reports anonymously) but I will be glad if you set the option of sending username. This will allow me to contact you via private message on Last.fm, and you will be able to help accelerate the development of MPCScrobbler.

Hello, it looks like world is not ending and so let me introduce new version of MPCScrobbler.

Apart of small changes it includes two main changes. First is addition of automatic updates so you wont need to download new versions manually. Second difference is that location of config file was changed which allows to save MPCScrobbler into folders without write permissions (for example Program Files).
There is one catch that your settings will be purged with this update.

Hi after short break I’m coming with next version of MPCScrobbler.

Main news in version 1.2 is support for another version of Media Player Classic – specifically it’s Media Player Classic – Home Cinema x64 (mpc-hc64), Media Player Classic – Black Edition (mpc-be) and Media Player Classic – Black Edition x64 (mpc-be64), you can read more about changes in Release notes

Unfortunately I don’t have much time for programming so automatic updates aren’t done yet.
If you want to keep settings from older version it’s necessary remove old version exe file (MPCScrobbler_1_1.exe) and save new version (MPCScrobbler_1_2.exe) into same folder.

Application must not be placed in Program Files – Access denied
You are still required to display status bar in MPC (View -> Status)

Hi, I have finally finished some important improvements for MPCS and I can offer you new version to download. Version 1.0 is not available for download because it was important just for school project.

New version 1.1 supports all 23 languages that MPC uses, because of that it is not needed to set MPC to english language anymore. All you have to do is to select language in MPCS settings that is used in MPC.

Also I have made temporary solution for track queue in case you are not connected to the internet when listening to music. This part is still not finished and because of that, you have to scrobble the queue using the button in Scrobble List window.

If you are looking for more info about new features, it is in Release notes. If you keep „Report errors“ option checked in your settings, it will help me improve and fix the scrobbler – it does not collect personal data, it just silently uploads unhandled errors. If you have any ideas or suggestions for MPCS, feel free to share them with me at Suggestions & Bugs, where you can also vote for ideas to get them higher priority.

Edit 12/08/02 – In MPC must be displayed status bar (View -> Status)

Hi, when I wrote my harmonogram, I assigned for today “First public BETA-version”. And this day has come. So I am sharing with you first beta-version of MPCScrobbler.

In MPC must be set up English language.

I gladly ask you to be benevolent, it’s beta-version.
It’s tested on Media Player Classic Home Cinema and Windows 7, but it could work for all version mpc-hc.exe

More information and help will come soon. With my friend I prepare app for this website “Suggestion & Bugs” where you can report some suggestion or bug and vote for the best suggestions to be implemented sooner.

Final release is now available, it is not possible to download beta anymore.

Welcome to official website of program MPCScrobbler.
It will be a program for scrobbling data from Media Player Classic to Last.fm. I chose programming this app as my graduation project.
The first beta version of program certainly come out this year.
All information about during the developing I will add to this page.


Actual version


  • The application requires .NET Framework 4 you can download it there
  • In MPC must be displayed status bar (View -> Status)